Said El-Bilani

FOUNDER | The Bilani Foundation

Said El-Bilani is the Chief Founder of The Bilani Foundation; a private non-profit conglomerate founded by Said El-Bilani and his affiliates. 

It was launched with the aim to globally promote peace, reduce poverty, eliminate disease, advocate for equity in all levels of education, and to expand educational opportunities for all. 

The Bilani Foundation is comprised of:

          Middle East Peace & Progress

  •  The My College Guru 

          Pre-Collegiate Mentorship Program

  •   The Stand Up To 

            Osteoarthritis Organization

EXECUTIVE | Air Call Mobile

Said El-Bilani serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Business Owner of the Air Call Mobile Telecommunications Enterprise, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Air Call Mobile serves as an authorized dealer for Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and multiple other Mobile Virtual Network Operators, and also collaborates with various Mobile Telecommunication Company's to provide worthwhile mobile consumer services. 

INNOVATOR | The Osteoarthritis Disease

Said El-Bilani has Innovated in the Medical Industry leading to a Generational Medical Breakthrough in his Discovery of a Treatment that could Serve as a Cure for the Non-regenerative, Dangerous, and often Deadly, Osteoarthritis Disease. 

Said El-Bilani's innovation has allowed him to compete on behalf of the City of Miami, the State of Florida, and the United States of America, at large, and publish in numerous highly-acclaimed scientific journals about his scientific breakthroughs and success in contributing to a cure to the cartilage-based disease; his ultimate desire is to cure the Osteoarthritis Disease.

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Early Life

Said Ahmad El-Bilani was born on January 7th, 1998 in the Lebanese port city of Sidon, known locally as Sayda or Saida (Arabic: صيدا‎). His family traces its history back to Austria, Germany, Italy, and Ottoman Turkey (Paternally), where his surname Bilani is derived from the Belen town and district of the Hatay Province in the Mediterranean region of south-central Turkey. Through his father he claims descent from Omar “Pasha” Al-Newsawi, a high ranking official in the Ottoman political and military system, “Pasha” is a noble rank typically granted to governors, generals, dignitaries and others. Prior to that, Bilani’s ancestors can be traced to Austria, which during the Ottoman era, was called in Ottoman Turkish Nimsa نمسا. Hence, Bilani’s ancestor, Newsawi’s etymology being derived from the Turkish and Arabic translation of Austria نمسا. Maternally, he claims Phoenician ancestry, the thalassocratic, ancient Semitic-speaking Mediterranean civilization that originated in the Levant, specifically Lebanon, in the west of the Fertile Crescent and which scholars generally agree was centered on the coastal areas of Lebanon

Before emigrating to the United States, the cultures that most influenced Bilani in his young life were Lebanese, French, and Arab cultures. Bilani grew up listening to western and regional music and developed a taste for many genres because of his multi-cultural exposure: Levantine, Egyptian, and Classical Arabic music, French, British, and American music, Mediterranean music, and Italian and Spanish music.

Primary and Secondary Education

Bilani grew up speaking Lebanese Arabic, a dialect consisting of the modern-spoken version of Aramaic with Arabic words. He attended public, Miami-Dade County Schools throughout his childhood. For secondary school, Bilani attended Miami-Dade County Public School, North Miami Beach Senior High School. He excelled in his studies, constantly earning Principal’s Honor Roll, graduating Summa Cum Laude, with Highest Honors, and graduated at the top of his class with a class ranking of one out of five hundred and twenty, thereby constituting the Top 1% of his class. Bilani was also awarded the Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction and was selected by the Principal, Administration, and Faculty of the school to be inducted into the 2016 Principal’s Hall of Fame. In his senior year, Bilani was bestowed the Pursuit of Excellence (Miami Dade County Public Schools | Student of the Year) – District-Wide Values Matter Award for his Pursuit of Excellence, and was invited to serve as the Honorary Sitting-Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools on February 3, 2016, the fourth-largest school district in the United States, with over 346,000 students and 52,000 employees, and was appointed by Superintendent, Alberto M. Carvalho, to serve for the day.

Bilani was a Magnet student in the Biomedical & Environmental Advancement Magnet (BEAM), and the AP | Cambridge Capstone (University of Cambridge, Diploma). In addition, Bilani held leadership positions in the Student Government Association, Science National Honor Society, National Honor Society, International Key Club, U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, and contributed over "999+" Community Service Hours, per his official transcript. 

Outside of his curricular studies, Bilani competed and was selected as an Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist. He subsequently went on to compete on behalf of Miami-Dade County, the State of Florida, and the United States of America, against 77 other nations around the world. Ultimately, winning 1st place for Miami-Dade County, 3rd place for the State of Florida, and was awarded a multitude of awards, scholarships, and a commendation from the U.S. Air Force and the President of the United States, for his research efforts which successfully led to the discovering of a treatment that could serve as a cure for Osteoarthritis.


The culmination of his scholastic and extracurricular excellence led to Bilani winning the Posse Foundation full-tuition Leadership Scholarship to attend Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. “Each year close to 20,000 students compete for a Posse Scholarship - Fewer than 1,000 win.”  To win the Posse Scholarship, Bilani was selected amongst 1,400 candidates from the Greater Miami and South Florida area for a 10 member Posse by The Posse Foundation, and President, Dean, Provost, and Faculty of Franklin & Marshall College. In addition to winning The Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship, Bilani went on to win several more scholarships such as the BK McLamore Foundation Scholarship, amongst many others, including the highly-sought after Gates Millennium scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Millennium Scholarship is a full-ride Scholarship to attend any U.S. accredited institution for up to 12 years, covering Undergraduate and Graduate Studies (including Master's and Doctoral degrees). Bilani was chosen from well over 53,000 applicants who applied nationwide, advanced as one of 2,000 finalists, and joined 999 other students as a Gates Millennium Scholar. The totality of Bilani’s earned scholarship awards exceeds $1 million dollars.

At Franklin & Marshall College, Bilani attended as a Posse and Gates Millennium Scholar.

He jointly studied Government and International Studies, and was involved in the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity (Alpha Tau chapter) as a Fraternity Risk Management Chair and Brotherhood Education/Development Director, he was also involved in the Assembly of Peers - House Congress, the Muslim Student Association as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Public Relations Chair, and Representative to the Interfaith Student Council; where he built bridges of understanding between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and was awarded the ZBT - Herbert Robinson Memorial Scholarship. Later in 2018, he transferred as a junior to Georgetown University in Washington D.C., where he is completing his Bachelor’s degree in the Liberal Arts with a concentration in International Affairs. Bilani is a First Honors list student, earning this distinction on the basis of earning a perfect 4.0 GPA as a full-time student, in his first semester, since transferring. He was also formally inducted as a member of the Alpha Lambda Sigma Honor Society on the basis of his academic and professional excellence at Georgetown University.


The White House

In the summer of 2017, Bilani served in the Trump Administration as a White House intern in the Office of Agency Liaison in the Office of Presidential Correspondence, where he was responsible for working with hardship correspondence addressed to the President by American constituents. Among his duties were to assign correspondence to their respective agencies, across the federal government, review responses from Federal Agencies throughout the Executive Branch, as well as operate the White House Comment Line and document and respond to comments, inquiries, and feedback from the American public, which would then be relayed to the West Wing for review. During the summer, Bilani was entrusted with the responsibility of representing the White House as an intern in monthly Federal Executive Secretariat congregations at the Office of Personnel Management. In the meetings with interagency representatives, Bilani and his colleagues deliberated about the key hardship facing Americans and how they can continue to serve the American public at the Executive level by implementing best practices to suit the White House’s federal response to constituents in need. In addition, Bilani participated in the White House Internship Program’s Speaker Series, featuring Senior Administration Officials, including Cabinet Secretaries, National Security Council Advisors, as well as the President and Vice-President. During that summer, Bilani also met with the Director of the Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon, who helped conceive his Business Strategy, which since its implementation, has allowed his modest small business in the telecommunications industry to continue to thrive and flourish. At the conclusion of his service, Bilani authored and published a blog on The White House website, showcasing his experience as an intern in the inaugural Trump Administration White House Internship Program, entitled Intern Series: Pushing the Envelope, From the American People to the President’s Desk.


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